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he Sweetfield of Eden of Baptist Church was organized in Pinpoint in the year of 1890 under the leadership of the late Pastor Ben Jackson and the following officers/deacons : Louis Bonds , Will Bonds , Jimmie Bonds , Ben Dillward , Billy McKiver , Prince Brown , Dallas Ginlet and Abraham Brown. Some of those faithful Christian sisters who worked hard with Pastor Jackson and his staff to organizer this great church today were ; Mary Bonds , Lisa Bonds , Lizzie Dillward, Clara Brown, Margaret McIver, and Finnie Ginlet. They all have passed onto the eternal reward.

Pastor Ben Jackson and the officers, as well as those faithful members realized when this earthly tabernacle is dissolved , they would have a building not made with hands , but eternal in heaven. After Pastor Ben was called to glory , church called Pastor Fleming as Pastor and he served faithfully until his death. Several other pastors served our congregation faithfully for many years.

Pastor O.G. Jackson succeeded Pastor Stevens and served this church for 26 years until he became ill and subsequently entered the gates to serve his master. Pastor O.G Jackson as well as other faithful pastors had many disadvantages in life, but they said as Christ said, “Upon this rock, I will build my church , and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” Pastor Jackson and other forefathers who served this church did not work for the support of others, but rather to serve for the saving souls.

Our present pastor, Bishop Thomas J. Sills was installed January 10, 1999. God has seen fit to call from our midst some great leaders and hard workers of the church who have worked hard for 119 years with the church on several different boards. Our Present church was erected on July 23, 1961 under the leadership of Pastor L. W. Stevens and the Officers and members. This is our third church in 119 years since Sweetfield of Eden Baptist Church was Organized.


October 25, 1970, the pastors, officers and members witnessed one of the greatest achievements of our lives. The Mortgage on our present church was burned. The Sermon was rendered by the late Pastor Freddie Bonds, Pastor of First Beulah Baptist Church. On our Educational Building was completed and dedicated on September 23, 1974 with the community service being held at Sweetfield of Eden Baptist Church.

Major Renovations to the interior of our sanctuary July 2002. The Most Recent Renovations done to the interior of the church were all completed under the supervision of Bishop Thomas J. Sills and our Trustees Board. Our Fellowship this last year. During these past years, our ministry has reached our brothers and sisters in Honduras. In addition to assisting them financially with building a church. GOD is doing great things through us for his people.  Also, a Special committee has been appointed to researched funding through special grants and sponsorship for the church adjacent property of Pinpoint Road for a community-based center that will serve the youth in the community in positive re-enforcement, educational and recreational opportunities. This will also be a place for our senior citizens and a recreational facility for church events. We are aware of the great achievements and growth that our church has made in these 119 years and we hope and pray that we will continue to work for the Lord in the upbuilding of his Kingdom.